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About Us

We create an immersive environment filled with the elements needed to communicate your ideas, your concepts, your vision.

We offer a single source solution, from A to Z, with a team of experienced people uniquely qualified to help you realize your vision from conception to public unveiling.

We are also a creative partner, working in tandem with designers, developers, and architects to solve the most detailed and complex fabrication challenges.

We provide fully scalable and personal service, from the miniature to the massive, perfectly suited to meet your budget, schedule, and level of ambition.

Since 2002, Archim'Aide Scalemodels has served a distinguished international list of clients, bringing their ideas to life, their visions to reality, their messages to market.

Our Philosophy

Over 20 years of experience enriched with the latest computer techniques, a team of several professionals offers a rapid and tailored service to your needs.

Our activity involves the design, creation and implementation of models, prototypes and miniatures, for professionals or individuals.


With our technical expertise, our flexibility and our passion we can meet all your requirements and guarantee the quality of our work within your timescales.

Our Equipment

Every project has its own needs. This is the reason why we use the right equipments to fulfill the demands of our clients.

We can use 3D printers, stereotithography, or laser synthering machines for the most complicated prototypes or parts. Laser engravers and cutters or waterjet cutting machines will be used for traditional architectural models, and our 3D CNC router for highly detailed parts.

More traditional tools are also used for the regular work.

Every part or model will allways be finished by hand to achieve the best possible result.